Dormers Roofing Extensions


Dormers, Roofing & Extensions Construction Services Offered by Experts

Why move to a bigger house? Stay in your current house and create more square footage by adding a dormer or extension. This will create more space and increase the value of your home. We at Jim Cuccias & Sons General Contracting can customize your home, change the aesthetics of it and help make it your own. We also understand how important it is for your new roof to be installed correctly the first time around. We have years of experience dealing with many roofing jobs, some more complex than others. We will help you choose a quality roofing system that is affordable and attractive. A quality roof is more than just some new shingles, which is why we offer the best roofing systems working with you from start to finish. Along with architectural shingles, we can also provide flat roof services if needed. Flat roof services include peel & stick roofing, EPDM, tapered systems and torch. Whichever roof it is, preparing for a job is a top priority for us. You can count on us to make sure your property is fully protected as best as we can while our team is working (walls, siding, trees, bushes).

What We Offer

Our team knows how challenging it can be to try and maximize the usable space in your home. For many people seeking to make the most of their homes square footage, a home extension or a dormer addition often adds more space for you, your family and guests for entertaining. Whether you want to build up (Dormer), build out utilizing the area of land surrounding your house (Extension) or both, out team can do it and help design it. Different types of dormers we can offer to create more space are: Gabled, Hipped, Shed, Nantucket, Flat Roof, Bonneted, Eyebrow, Gambrel, Mansard, etc. Different types of extensions we can offer to create more space are: Single Story, Double Story, Multi Story, Wrap Around, etc. Along with these dormers and Extensions, we will offer modern roofing materials to enhance the energy efficiency of your house. A newly installed roof will add protection to you homes interior, increase the value of the house and add curb appeal, giving you a piece of mind for a while and not have to worry about frequent maintenance work or repairs. An inspection plan can also be arranged for preventative maintenance.